Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

National Cause Donations

National Cause Donations Your company believes in not only providing immediate relief to the affected people but also in providing a sustainable solution to bring affected people to normal life. In 2010 and 2011, devastating floods swept through Pakistan. The destruction resulted in loss of lives, homes, and livelihoods. Critical community infrastructure was destroyed, agricultural lands laid waste, basic public and communal services disrupted, and systems collapsed. Servis is unique in that most of its efforts for rehabilitation are led by employees. Service not only participated in flood relief activities in both the years but also played its role in rehabilitation of the affectees in the following ways:

Flood Relief Activities

With the help of PAF, your company and its employees acted collectively and participated in flood relief operation in district Mirpur Khas. Special attention was given to worst hit areas of Samaro, Kunri and Farooqabad. The flood Relief team distributed about 60 tonnes of food stuff. In addition to that medical camps were setup in these areas where the needy were given free consultation and medicines.

Rehabilitation of flood affectees

In this area, your company participated in two projects:

a. Reconstruction of three villages of Mohamad pur (South East of Rajanpur) i.e. Tharri Walla, Shah Walli and Bastti Rinda. By the grace of Almighty Allah our highly motivated and energetic team with the help of PAF, was able to reconstruct the three villages with improved facilities, within a short period of just 90 days. The project had the following hallmarks:

• Reconstruction of 100 houses with complete set of house hold (utensils and quilts)

• Provision of one month food supply

• Provision of water pumps in almost every house

• Provision of tractors, seed and fertilizer to kick start agriculture and economy

• Reconstruction of boys and girls school and 4 mosques

b. Partnering with the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (Punjab) for reconstruction of the village of Rakh Fazal Pur in district Rajanpur. A Model village, namely “Servis Model Village”, of 100 house was established with most modern facilities.

These amenities include the

following :

• Availability of clean drinking water

• Covered Sewerage

• Livestock Shed

• Biogas Plants

• Solar Energy Systems

• School

• Mosque

• Parks/ Playing Areas

• Paved Roads

Community Investment

Our CSR activities are also geared towards providing regular donations to the causes of education and healthcare. These include:

Shalamar Hospital

A charity hospital in Lahore. It was founded in 1982 by contributions of founders of your company Ch. Mohammad Husain and Ch.

Nazar Mohammad. It is owned and managed by the Businessman Hospital Trust (BHT). The main objective of BHT is to provide health care services to patients from all income groups, especially to lower and middle social classes. Your company makes regular contributions to Shalamar and in 2011 donated Rs. 7m.

Forman’s Christian (FC) College Lahore

During the year your company made a donation of Rs. 6m to FC College.

In addition to the above your company makes regular contributions to the NGO’s like:

• Lahore Businessmen Association for Rehabilitation of Disabled (LABARD)

• Thalassaemia Society of Pakistan

• Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PSRD)