Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Your company believes that we owe a great deal to our communities, customers, employees and shareholders. And as such your company strives to be role model in the area of social responsibility.

We classify our CSR activities under the following broad Categories i.e. Corporate Philanthropy, National Cause Donations, Community Investment and other areas.

Corporate Philanthropy

Even as growth and social changes accelerate the desire to move up the home pyramid, the Issues of health and education remain major challenges.Your company has five exclusive projects in the areas of health, education and care for senior citizen. The projects include:


CH. Nazar Mohammad , Mohammad Hussain Memorial Society Hospital – A

fully equipped 8 bed free hospital in Gandhra, Gujrat. This hospital has fully functional Operation Theater and X-ray, Laboratory and ultrasound facilities. This hospital provides free surgical care to the Gandhra and its neighboring villages. In 2011 over 37 thousand patients were given free treatment here.

Service Free dispensary – A

A dispensary that caters to poor and the needy of Gujrat district. Medical facilities such as consultation, ultrasound, X-ray, laboratory and medicines are provided free of cost. Over 55 thousand patients received free medication and consultation through this dispensary.


A multi-residence housing facility intended for homeless senior citizens in Lahore. Facilities provided within the building include meals, gathering, recreation and basic health care.

Service High School For Boys, Gujrat

This school provides quality education to the poor residents of the area free of charge.


A high school for girls and a primary school for boys in Lahore. This school is providing quality education to over 350 children of the poor population of the locality.