Company code of conduct & Policies

Company code of conduct and Policies

  1. Scope

1.1 Policy shall be applicable to the management and non management staff of Service  Industries Limited at head office, plant sites and any other company establishment.

  1. Objective

2.1 To ensure compliance to all legal requirements in letter and spirit.

  1. Child Labour Prohibition

3.1 At Service Industries Limited, we strongly believe in the compliance of national and  international laws for elimination of child labour. No one under the age of eighteen (18)  years shall be considered for employment.

  1. Equal Employment Opportunity

4.1 The company strongly believes in providing Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)  without any exception ensuring that everyone has fair and equitable access to job assignment, employment conditions, training, and career development.

  1. Discrimination

5.1 The Company strongly believes that all employees should be treated equally without  any discrimination on the basis of;

  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Race (including nationality, colour)
  • Marital status
  • Disability

5.2 In case any employee is aggrieved of any discrimination, he / she will have the right  to make a complaint to the competent authority through his Department Head who upon its receipt shall investigate the same and in the event of any veracity further action including disciplinary measure as the case may be initiated or taken in the circumstances of the case.

  1. Harassment

6.1 It is the policy of the company to ensure that none of its employees is harassed  including sexual harassment or pressurized to achieve any desired objectives during the course of their employment.

6.2 In case of any complaint in this connection shall be viewed seriously by the  management and necessary disciplinary action or remedial measures shall be taken accordingly without exception.

  1. Teamwork

7.1 It is the policy of company to ensure harmony and coordination amongst team members. New team members are warmly welcomed and highly facilitated in order to get them up in existing teams. Old team members are also highly respected as they have proved to be role models and act as facilitators for new ones to understand the culture.

  1. Information and Communication

8.1 We believe in open communication while maintaining the confidentiality wherever deemed necessary. The information flows are smooth and no hindrances as regards to bureaucracy of position/designation can disturb the flow except where considered necessary under confidentiality matters.

  1. Smoking

9.1 The company strictly discourages smoking inside the premises. We encourage our team members to quit smoking. However, in order to facilitate employees, smoking corners have been established. This is also meant for avoiding any potential hazard because of presence of flammable materials within the premises.

  1. Fraud and Corruption

10.1 These two activities are highly unacceptable. Anyone found involved in any such activity like theft, embezzlement, fake attendance etc shall be dealt with strict                           disciplinary action.

10.2 Company shall proceed with appropriate procedure for recovery of financial loss.  Any such case may be prosecuted in court of law, wherever deemed necessary.

  1. Work Timings

11.1 All employees must follow the office timings according to the location.

  1. Minimum Wage

12.1 No employee shall be paid less than the minimum wage fixed by the government.

  1. Forced Labour

13.1 The management firmly believes in upholding the rule of law and would not  indulge in any forced or bonded labour.

  1. Drug-Free Workplace

14.1 The management strictly believes in maintaining a drug-free workplace. If an employee is convicted of violating a criminal drug statute, management reserves the right to take strict disciplinary action against the defaulter.

14.2 The distribution, dispensation, possession, use or presence in the body system of  controlled substances and illegal drugs is prohibited at any time during working hours on company premises including company’s residential areas.

  1. Possession of Arms

15.1 The Company within its premises prohibits the possession of explosives,  ammunition, firearms or any other weapon or devises used to inflict injury. However, security staff is authorized to keep weapons which have been licensed and issued by the competent authority.

  1. Health and Safety Guidelines

16.1 The company is responsible for meeting Federal as well as local health and safety standards and for establishing and implementing necessary measures to minimize its employees’ risk of injury or illness.

16.2 Health and safety guidelines shall be strictly followed i.e. use of Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) wherever and whenever required. Health and safety procedures shall be developed and implemented in order to ensure complete adherence to the safety rules and regulations.

16.3 Human Resource Department will ensure that all EHS policies and procedures are  communicated at all levels of Company employees.

  1. Compliance of Policies

17.1 If preliminary investigation of any reported case of non-conformance to the  above policy point towards infringement of the provisions of this policy, Human Resource Manager/ Inquiry Officer will conduct detailed, confidential and impartial inquiry and report the matter to the top management.

17.2 If an inquiry reveals that any provisions of the policy have been violated, Human Resource Department will take appropriate disciplinary action against the defaulters, in accordance with laws / management practices relevant to the situation.

  1. Guidelines for Human Resource Department

18.1 Human Resource Manager will ensure that all executives / managers are fully conversant with the provisions of this company policy.

18.2 Head of Departments will also be responsible for ensuring compliance to these policy guidelines and any deviation of above policy guidelines shall not be acceptable.