Servis Export

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain of Service Industries Limited is a world-wide network of suppliers, factories, warehouses, and distribution centers through which raw materials are acquired, transformed and delivered to customers.

In order to optimize performance, our supply chain function operates in a coordinated manner. Our Supply chain management system is flexible enough to coordinate the revision of plans/schedules across supply chain functions. The agility with which our supply chain is managed at the tactical and operational levels in order to enable timely dissemination of information, accurate coordination of decisions and management of actions among people and systems, is what ultimately determine the efficient, coordinated achievement of our company goals.
Following points make our supply chain management a competitive advantage for our customers:
  1. Zero Import duties on leather in Pakistan – Makes us flexible and competitive for sourcing leather from any country.
  2. Supply chain team stays informed in latest developments on leather and sources all types of materials from around the world.
  3. Cost of product is optimized by maintaining minimum inventory levels.